Quality and piece of mind, our education data is top of the class!
The highest education data guarantee in the UK.
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96% Accuracy guaranteed!

If your email or postal data is less than 96% accurate we will refund you double the price of the incorrect data over the 4% thershold.*


We work exceptionally hard to keep your Education Database as perfect as possible. We invest over £200,000 every year in the maintenance and expansion of it and use a varity of tried and tested methods to do this with a full time Research Team based in our Gloucestershire offices. We do not outsource any part of our education research or data cleansing to anybody else, ever!


This means we are so confident that our postal and email data is the best in the business that we offer a double your money back guarantee on the data you lease from us that proves to be incorrect.


If the postal and email records in your Education Database are proven to be more than 5% inaccurate we will personaly refund you twice the value of the incorect data that exceeds the 5% threshold. We’ll also check and update the incorrect data and get it replaced in your personal Education Database as quickly as we can.*


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