Emma Smith


Emma Smith’s work seeks to explore the evolving history of the relationship of cabbie and passenger; the stories that are shared between strangers in the intimacy of the cab and the extraordinary experience of Londoner’s lives that cabbies bear witness to. Working closely with the London Transport Museum, Smith and a group of volunteers have been interviewing and recording stories from cab drivers and cab shelter licensee owners. Some of these oral histories will contribute to the LTM archive, which will help to fill a gap at the museum in which London cab history and culture is under represented. Smith will also use the histories to inform her work which will consist of an interactive performance and film. 

The work is being developed with Temple Shelter and St Johns Wood Shelter, cabbies and licensee owners. Through a series of interactive performances the public will be invited to share in and contribute to the expansion of an epic cabbie's tale. The performance will take place at the shelters and will also include the use of cab vehicles historic and new.