Victoria Turnbull


Service is collaboration between artist Victoria Turnbull and artist in residence Shaun Dolan, and teachers Nicola Frankcom and Melissa Hind at Chelsea Community Hospital School. Taking one of the few remaining pieces of material culture left from the shelters, a ¾ pint cabbies’ tea cup from the 1940s, as a starting off point, students, teachers and artists have created a Tea Service for the Green Cabmen Shelters, inspired by the history of the shelters, and the stories of the men and women who used them. Hand painted on porcelain, this service is a reminder of a history of lost objects from the Shelters and the stories that have almost been lost with them.

A limited edition of paper cups will be produced as part of this commission. In September and October these will be used to serve hot drinks from the Cabbie’s Shelter at Embankment and Temple.  A Learning resource will also be available online from this time bringing together more of the drawings, models and ideas from the year-long project.